Fashion Under the Influence

Over the past couple of years the resurgence of hipsters in the mainstream has affected the product that retailers have been putting on the clothing racks. We are a product of our own pop culture, and the clothes we buy mirror our influences on our sleeve. Be it music, and our ever growing metro sexuality, men are becoming walking icons of the sign of the times. We are fascinated with fashion. Perhaps it is the hardcore, rock and roll, and grunge aspect that attracts the testosterazzi- behind the scenes of the fame, and the reality.  Lately, certain stores like Urban Outfitters, Cotton On, and H&M, have carried tees and tanks with graphics that I like to describe as hipster couture.  Here are a few examples:


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Lover of all things having to do with men's style, swagger, fashion, and what makes a dude a dapper fellow.
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