Bonobos and their Fight Against Hunger

Hey Fellows, if you haven’t already done so, start following @Bonobos on Twitter.  They give you a great coupon code for $20 off any order of $100 or more before October 31st.  You’ve seen the ads, with the guy’s nice ass in those khaki pants?  Seriously, their pants make your ass look really awesome.  And according to the last issue of Details, “Ass is the new Abs.”  Make a wise investment to show off your bedunk.  They have all kinds of men’s clothing as well so hurry your ass up and take advtange of their awesome deal.  Did I mention they’ve teamed up with FEED Projects?  For every FEED 2 pant and bag sold, Bonobos together with FEED Projects will provide a year’s supply of food for two school children in need through the UN’s World Food Programme.  A worthy cause for your worthy ass.  Such a win-win situation.  Ass-1.  Hunger-0.

Here are my pulls from their latest collection

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