Creative Recreation Takes on the Classic Boating Shoe

Checkout Creative Recreation’s own spin on the traditional boating shoe. Freedom to express yourself and not feel confined in your outfit is a step in the right direction, and these shoes are no exception. They’ve taken the hot ticket item of the season and given them their own signature look.   Checkout these looks from their Capri line.   Originality is so dapper.

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2 Responses to Creative Recreation Takes on the Classic Boating Shoe

  1. Jason says:

    Guys shouldn’t wear high tops ever.

  2. Hi Jason! Thanks for commenting on my post. You know what’s funny? I totally used to think the same exact thing. And then when I started living in LA, I noticed that guys out here started wearing them out and about in West Hollywood and the look became endearing to me. My opinion changed also when I saw them popping up in stores everywhere and hip hop dancers started wearing them on stage as well. It just looks so fly to me now. I’m glad you voiced your opinion though. Style is totally subjective.

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