Mark Consuelos: The Reason for My Monday Morning Blues

On last night’s episode of Bravo TV’s What What Happens Live, the ever striking gentleman that is Mark Consuelos was a guest (along with stunning wife Kelly Ripa).  I woke up this morning with the usual “Monday Morning Blues” and I realized it was because I can’t seem to figure out who he was wearing! He looked so dapper in his duds last night. Can anybody break down his outfit by designer for me? I love the pop of color and pattern on his red shirt balanced with the solid navy tie against the gray jacket. Guys, it’s time to invest in a plain silver tie bar and put away your skinny ties. Look how polished it looks? The mix and match of his outfit allow him to have a hip look without the feeling of a constricting two piece suit. Nothing is hotter than when a masculine man knows how to dress. Trust. I mean, look at Mark Conseulos…

Oh yeah, Andy Cohen looked good as usual too.

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