Aldo Leaf Ring

When it comes to accessories, I normally don’t indulge unless it’s something unique and not overly ostentatious.  I despise it when men wear something so over the top it distracts from their masculine mystique.  In my case, I need all the testosterroni I could get my mouth on!   Thus, I normally stick to just a watch and my hair.  However, this ring I got at Aldo a couple weeks ago was just too sick to pass up on.  I’ve been toting it around as if it were a secret new installment of the Hunger Games series.

Confession: When I rock it I feel like a sexy greek god from the Immortals.  They should really come out with an accessories line for men named after that movie.

And here’s how it would play out in WeHo:

Lean Guy with a Blackberry: Hey, where’d you get that belt?

Me: (Insert store here).  It’s their newest piece from their Immortals line and I’m going commando.

Lean Guy with a Blackberry:  Nice.


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