Is that a Banana in your pants or are you just excited for the holidays?

I recently saw Banana Republic’s ad for their 2011 Holiday campaign in the latest issue of Details.  I’m loving all the warm colors captured by the photographer, Carter Smith.  Here are my initial thoughts:

1.  Would the following models, Andrew Cooper, Martin Low, and Tom Bull, please report to the hallway under the mistletoe?

2.  I guess there are just no more excuses for looking like crap during a blizzard.

3.  Someone remind me to coordinate my outfits with all the wrapping paper I use this year for presents.

4.  I just gotta get my hands on that spotted bow tie.

5.  In case I forgot, have a very merry hipster plaid Christmas and a scruffy holiday!


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2 Responses to Is that a Banana in your pants or are you just excited for the holidays?

  1. SO cute. I want my boyfriend (Henry Cavill) in all of this.

  2. What’s up, Waste Of Make Up Diva? Seriously, right? Imagine Henry Cavill in a Tom Ford suit. Can someone make that photoshoot happen, please?

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