Braving the Cool SoCal Weather In Style

Every time a person from southern California pays a visit to an East Coast state or even our chilly neighbor to the north, San Francisco; I often hear the same comment, Guys just dress better over there or something to that extent.  It’s because these areas actually have snow.  To these “better” dressed men, donning on a simple pea coat is just second nature.  We as residents of SoCal think it novel and admire the GQ look.  However, when I see a SoCal resident attempting to emulate the look of a Princeton undergrad during winter finals they just look out of place to me.  It’s like that lyric Miley Cyrus sings in Party in the USA, “…Cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I didn’t get the memo…”  Has someone told this fool that it doesn’t snow here?  Guys, I get it.  You want to have that baldwin look, but unless you’re planning on snowboarding today, I really don’t think you need to be wearing a parka at the mall.  You just look ridiculous. It’s only roughly about 60 degrees.  A simple wool coat/sweater with an umbrella will work fine to brave the SoCal rain.  I’ve picked out some suitable looks that aren’t too ostentatious for my fellow sunny residents.

Tim Hamilton

Hawkings McGill

D Collection Anderson Jacket

D Collection

D Collection

James Perse


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