Prada Infusion d’Homme; a Summer Fling

Some people say their weakness is shoes or bags.  My weakness is what I like to call the ‘3 C’s’, which stands for cardigans, cologne, and…well I’ll let you figure out the last one on your own.

Summer is here, and now that the douchey main stream has caught onto the fragrance, Chanel Bleu, I thought it was time for a summer fling.  It doesn’t mean that I’ve totally broken things off with my BF CB.  We’re just on a break, indefinitely.

His name is Prada Infusion d’Homme, and I met him last night.  It wasn’t exactly love at first sight.  I mean, there were so many bottles to look at, so much eye candy vying for my attention, but for some reason, call me a hopeless romantic because Prada Infusion d’Homme stopped me right at my tracks.  Maybe I was woo’d by his vintage perfume decanter, but I could see right through his transparent glass intentions.  I sprayed a sample on my left wrist.  I told myself I’d only have one.  Then I became a gonner to the intoxication and needed more.  I put him on my other wrist, then my chest, my neck, and behind my ears.  I wanted him all over my body and before I knew it, he came home with me.  Who would have ever thought I’d pay for this kind of love?

We had a quickie this morning after I showered.  The scent of neroli from Tunisia, iris palida, veiver, cedar, incense, and benzoin still on me.

There he is teasing me, surrounded by my clothes and my trashy romance novels.

FYI for the ladies, he has a twin sister, and her name is Prada Infusion d’Iris


About Dapper Fellow

Lover of all things having to do with men's style, swagger, fashion, and what makes a dude a dapper fellow.
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