Indochino Custom-Made Suit

I’ve been thinking about ordering a custom-made suit from Indochino.  It’s so disheartening when you find out that you’re not the “tailor’s dream” that you thought you were.  In my head a “tailor’s dream” translates to the ease of finding something ready made at a store.  
The other day at Top Man, I was trying on their new skinny suit.   It hung there staring at me with its sexy charcoal grayness, but to no avail, I couldn’t find the right fit.  I’m a short guy with broad shoulders.  The sales guy told me that it’s actually a common problem, that it’s hard to find a perfect ready made suit for just about anyone.  Anyways, I’ve been thinking about purchasing a custom-made suit from Indochino.  I want something fitted to my body, slim looking.  I think that because I have broad shoulders, there’s a tendency for suit jackets to look too wide/long on ready made suits.  I’m wondering if Indochino would be something to remedy this problem.  Can anybody speak to this?  


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