Braving the Cool SoCal Weather In Style

Every time a person from southern California pays a visit to an East Coast state or even our chilly neighbor to the north, San Francisco; I often hear the same comment, Guys just dress better over there or something to that extent.  It’s because these areas actually have snow.  To these “better” dressed men, donning on a simple pea coat is just second nature.  We as residents of SoCal think it novel and admire the GQ look.  However, when I see a SoCal resident attempting to emulate the look of a Princeton undergrad during winter finals they just look out of place to me.  It’s like that lyric Miley Cyrus sings in Party in the USA, “…Cause all I see are stilettos, I guess I didn’t get the memo…”  Has someone told this fool that it doesn’t snow here?  Guys, I get it.  You want to have that baldwin look, but unless you’re planning on snowboarding today, I really don’t think you need to be wearing a parka at the mall.  You just look ridiculous. It’s only roughly about 60 degrees.  A simple wool coat/sweater with an umbrella will work fine to brave the SoCal rain.  I’ve picked out some suitable looks that aren’t too ostentatious for my fellow sunny residents.

Tim Hamilton

Hawkings McGill

D Collection Anderson Jacket

D Collection

D Collection

James Perse

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Jeff Glor is the Best Dressed Anchorman of the Morning News

Each morning when I wake up one of the first things I do is turn on the TV for the morning news. I’m not partial to any specific program; however, when it comes to picking out the award for the most dapper anchorman of the morning news, I’d have to give it to Jeff Glor of the CBS Early Show.  Here are my reasons why:

  1. Living in world of skinny ties, Glor seems to stay away from the trend and stick to the classic look.
  2. His suits are well tailored for his body.
  3. Though he rocks the classic fat ties, sometimes it’ll have a pop of color or a modern pattern.  He knows how to blend the classic looks with the modern, and that gives him a current edge.
  4. He’s intelligent.  Intelligence is always the look.
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Zac Efron is like Chanel. His heart is timeless.

And you know what other quality never goes out of style?  Generosity.  Yes,  my  our favorite dapper fellow has done a charitable duty for the universe, a.k.a. tweenkind.  According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Zac Efron donated his old clothes to homeless and disadvantaged teens of the Children’s Resource Network of the Central Coast.  Apparently he dropped off more than 300 articles of clothing on the day before Thanksgiving.  How did this fall off my radar?  The clothes will have special tags to indicate the special person that previously owned them.

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Is that a Banana in your pants or are you just excited for the holidays?

I recently saw Banana Republic’s ad for their 2011 Holiday campaign in the latest issue of Details.  I’m loving all the warm colors captured by the photographer, Carter Smith.  Here are my initial thoughts:

1.  Would the following models, Andrew Cooper, Martin Low, and Tom Bull, please report to the hallway under the mistletoe?

2.  I guess there are just no more excuses for looking like crap during a blizzard.

3.  Someone remind me to coordinate my outfits with all the wrapping paper I use this year for presents.

4.  I just gotta get my hands on that spotted bow tie.

5.  In case I forgot, have a very merry hipster plaid Christmas and a scruffy holiday!

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Abbot & Main, I’m Nutz for Lutz!

…And speaking of Kellan Lutz, he will be arriving tomorrow in San Diego to promote his clothing line Abbot & Main at the Nordstrom in Fashion Valley.  When is Zefron going to come out with his own line of jeans or cologne?  I’d totally rock that scent all over my body.  I would imagine it to smell like barely legal teen spirit, sweaty wife beater, ginger, and sex.  Gosh I love Zac Efron.  Anyways, I like the new direction that Lutz is taking.  Now that the Twilight franchise is coming to a near end, hopefully this fairly new avenue will grant him immortal staying power in the media.  You’d think he’d come out with some kind of fitness product since he’s known for his killer body.  Check out these cool street wear looks.  Would you rock them?  If you don’t live near a Nordstrom, the good news is that the Abbot & Main website will be debuting their online store soon.

Top three reasons why Abbot & Main is so this season:

1. Kellan partnered with Danny Guez, the founder of the denim company Dylan George.

2. The collection currently includes: hoodies, henleys, and neutral shaded graphic tees.

3. Henleys rock. Straight guys, a simple fitted henley shirt and some jeans will make the ladies rave about you.  Just because you look good, doesn’t mean you look gay.  Nothing is better than a masculine man who can pull off a really stylish look.  Trust.

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Aldo Leaf Ring

When it comes to accessories, I normally don’t indulge unless it’s something unique and not overly ostentatious.  I despise it when men wear something so over the top it distracts from their masculine mystique.  In my case, I need all the testosterroni I could get my mouth on!   Thus, I normally stick to just a watch and my hair.  However, this ring I got at Aldo a couple weeks ago was just too sick to pass up on.  I’ve been toting it around as if it were a secret new installment of the Hunger Games series.

Confession: When I rock it I feel like a sexy greek god from the Immortals.  They should really come out with an accessories line for men named after that movie.

And here’s how it would play out in WeHo:

Lean Guy with a Blackberry: Hey, where’d you get that belt?

Me: (Insert store here).  It’s their newest piece from their Immortals line and I’m going commando.

Lean Guy with a Blackberry:  Nice.

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Study Break

I’m in the middle of working on a ten page paper on multicultural American literature and taking a break to eat a red velvet whoopie pie.

Shirt: Salt Valley

If you’re in SoCal, stay dry!  It’s raining like cats and dogs out here.

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