Portlandia, The Happiest Place on Earth

Apologies if you felt abandoned.  I just finished writing a screenplay for grad school, thus I’m using that as an excuse for not being so diligent with the blog.  Someone at work called me “dapper” the other day and I took that as a sign that I should post immediately if not sooner.  She has no idea that I have this site as my side project.  The fact of the matter is, when I feel gross, I just don’t feel worthy of commentating anything about style, so I guess that’s half the battle.  I need to learn how to channel my inner dapperness.

Anyways, in the moment we all blinked and missed each other, apparently, my future parent company (for one of my imagined business entities) has instituted some new hipster-friendly fashion rules for their Walt Disney Parks.  Get my assistant on line one!  I need him to call Scruff McGruff in Chicago, Illionois and to ask if he’s interested in being part of the cast.  Disney has made it okay for employees to grow out their facial hair.  Apparently mustaches and beards (the real kind, not the kind you bring as your prom date to convince everyone you’re straight) have been prohibited since 1955.

I’m just excited and delighted by this latest white flag.  I love me some cute boys with facial hair, especially the squeaky clean kinds that work for the House of Mouse.  Save me a spot in the canoe ride around Tom Sawyer’s Island next time?

Here are some funny Disney Hipster inspired Memes:


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Lover of all things having to do with men's style, swagger, fashion, and what makes a dude a dapper fellow.
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1 Response to Portlandia, The Happiest Place on Earth

  1. HAHAHAHA! What is funnier than Hipster Disney memes. Yeah, my bf had to keep his mustache in check when he worked at the parks during college. I wonder what the Mouse will have to concede to next? Neck tattoos & nasty coke nostrils as a form of self expression? Those princesses are TROUBLE.

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